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Product description

A popular choice fire blanket for small commercial kitchens, offices and home use. Typically used for smothering fires in kitchens, waste bins etc and as a body wrap to aid escape. Rigid compact container with moulded keyhole for increased strength when fixing. Incorporates a tamper evident feature for maximum security. Requires 40% less wall space than an equivalent size conventional fire blanket container.

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Product description

This quality fire blanket is contained in an industrial grade, wipeable rigid PVC outer cover with 5 year warranty which incorporates a moulded keyhole reinforced hanging point for wall mounting and fast release pull straps. Suitable for a wide range of application in office, commercial kitchens, boats and workshops.

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Product description

Strong, durable corrosion free fire sand bucket for suitable for a variety of applications, Petrol forecourts, workshops, garages, kitchens etc. for cleaning spillages, covering ice and dowsing small fires.

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Product description

The ELTS manual key switch provides a simple low cost method of testing groups of Emergency Luminaires by interrupting the permanent mains supply by the insertion and activation of a 'fish' key.

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Product description

For use on flammable liquid spills, Flamezorb is the revolutionary substitute for sand. Non-toxic chemical compound effectively smothers flames. Excellent absorbent properties- far superior to sand. Lightweight to use- only 2kg per bag. Bag contents will fill 10L fire bucket. Effortless clear up and disposal- unlike forecourt sand. Fully conforms to BS476 Part 7 Class 2.

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